Just need to keep trucking along.

Empire: Time to Conquer


The land has been surveyed, cities found, and enemies identified. It is now time to claim reign of the land and declare victory!

Did we move forward?


Capstone presentations are over, and all that is left is demo night. Will Office Mayhem move forward?

One Final Push.


‘Wooooaaaahhhh we’re nine-tenths of the way there!’

A Little Bit of Relaxation


Taking a small breather from the programming-side of Capstone. Time to look at Office Mayhem as a marketable game.

Empire: The Need to Explore


Empire: the final project for AI. The first step is to explore the map, but what’s the most efficient way to do this?

3… 2… 1…


The end is really, really near. We’re in a good spot, but is it good enough? Only time will tell.

Gin Rummy


Buh bye Minesweeper, hello Gin Rummy! Quick note: Gin Rummy is different from Rummy 500. I didn’t know that.

Dive! Dive! Dive!


Spoiler: Office Mayhem is moving onto phase 2! Three more to go!

Minesweeper Update


The Minesweeper challenge is underway, and I’m making good headway!

75% Complete.


Quite simply, I don’t want college to end. I’m excited to take the next step, but this next year will be special, and definitely will be cherished.

Universal SpriteKit UI


Apple’s mobile devices are split into two aspect ratios, but there are ways to create a singular UI using the viewport to your advantage.

The Many Uses of SKConstraints


At WWDC 2014, SpriteKit introduced SKConstraints: a really nifty feature that is akin to LookAt constraints in SceneKit.

SpriteKit + Playgrounds


Playgrounds are a great way to experiment with small prototypes and mechanics. Best part? SpriteKit can be accessed within them.

Introducing TinEngine.


Over my (short) Swift and SpriteKit excursion, I’ve compiled a list of extensions and functions that have made my life a little easier.

The Move to 3D!


This semester has two 3D-oriented classes – and both are super exciting.

DASHockey at GMGF!


Over Halloween I exhibited DASHockey at the Green Mountain Games Festival, and it was an absolute blast.

Boom! Back already!


Flocking is a mesmerizing AI algorithm. If only I can find a screensaver that utilizes it…

Time for a new project.


This, to date, is the coolest looking game I’ve created. But it’s time to move forward.

Design Insight


A little look into how I go about designing games, with a little example at the end.