3… 2… 1…


Cue Europe’s Final Countdown.

T-minus three weeks until we (hopefully) present, and I’m feeling strangely calm. We’re challenging Proof of Concept Thursday, and we need to pass through to stay on schedule. Our strategy has been, and continues to be, to attend every QA session: not only to get as much feedback as possible on our new features, but also to get our name out there. The more people talking about our game (hopefully positively), the better. This past week, we’ve been focusing on visual feedback, control smoothness, and trying to gauge levels of player fun and office mayhem. Our ‘fun rating’ has risen from a mean of 6.75 to 7.86, and our ‘mayhem rating’ has increased by over 1.5 points: 6.89 to 8.48. These numbers are nice , and have acted as a great motivator this past week for the team.

On the prototype-side of things, we’ve made a ton of progress. Since my last post, we’ve add stealing items from each other, particle effects for dashing and confetti when a task is completed, QOL-features for game feel: progress bars bounce and items wiggle a little when being used, and most importantly, sound. Our game is almost SFX complete: there’s only a couple more that we still need to implement. On its own, sound adds so much to the game, and combined with the other improvements over the past week, the prototype is really no longer such – I think it’s about time I start calling it the build. It really is starting to all come together, and I can’t wait to see the polish we add these next two weeks.